Shanghai Law Firms

shanghai law firmsShanghai is a beautiful city on China’s east coast. And in this beautiful port town are many hard-working Shanghai lawyers. Some of the best and brightest attorneys go on to practice law at the most renowned law offices in the country.

One of the best known Shanghai law firms is Duan & Duan. Founded in 1992, when lawyers in the country of China were still considered legal workers of the state, Duan & Duan envisioned a private law firm based on models of law offices in the US and Europe. After a lengthy approval process with the PRC, the founders of Shanghai law firm Duan & Duan received permission to open the first privately-owned and financed law firm in the country. In 2006 Duan & Duan were allowed to open the first law office in Hong Kong. In the same year, the firm expanded its Shanghai law office and even opened an office in Seattle, Washington, USA, becoming the first Chinese law firm to practice law internationally. This ground-breaking Shanghai law firm, founded by Q.H. Charles Duan and Z.Q. Janet Duan after studying abroad, now staffs over 50 lawyers practicing law in Shanghai and abroad and represents many international clients. Duan & Duan focuses on several practice areas including international business, securities and finance, intellectual property, corporate investment, construction and real estate, and admiralty and maritime issues.

King & Wood is another well-known Shanghai law firm. King & Wood opened its doors in 1995 and has grown to include over 30 partners and 126 legal professionals across China as well as two offices in the US, New York and California. King & Wood has a well-deserved reputation for providing a broad spectrum of premium and comprehensive financial legal services including foreign investment, banking, mergers & acquisitions, infrastructure, and securities; and they specialize in international direct investments and international acquisitions. King & Wood draws its knowledge and expertise from lawyers in Shanghai and abroad with its “one firm” philosophy of sharing information with local offices around the world.

These are just two of many great Shanghai law firms practicing domestic and international law in and around the city. A quick search of the internet will reveal many more law firms with specific practice areas in Shanghai.

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